Charity Outreach and Donations


Donate to Charity

When you donate to charity, you can save a life of a child. Vast Grace provides critical support to children who are struggling in poverty in many developing areas.

Vast Grace programs help children in many ways, but some situations require special attention. In these instances, people make the intentional decision to donate to charity in order to meet a specific need. Some examples of these special funds include:

  • Clean Water
  • Malnutrition
  • Education
  • Disaster Relief
  • Medical Help
  • Malaria
  • Church Planting

When you donate to charity through these funds, you help complete Vast Grace’s ministry to people in poverty. Whether you donate to disaster relief and stability, income generation, infrastructure development, or other critical intervention programs, you can be sure that your donation will be used to radically change the life of a People in poverty.

When you donate through Vast Grace’s Complementary Interventions programs, your tax-deductible gift is used to meet needs that otherwise may not be met. Your donation to this People’s charity gives a someone the chance to escape poverty. You are making a big difference.

You can choose to donate a one-time gift of any amount or give a monthly contribution to meet ongoing needs.

Donate to charity with Vast Grace and help provide relief to a child in poverty. Make a donation now to contribute to funds that support People who live in poverty.

Vast Grace is a Christian non-profit that helps children in poverty by providing spiritual, educational, social and physical assistance. Your non-profit donation is tax-deductible.