Medical Facilities


In the developing world, even minor illnesses can be deadly because of a lack of resources or inadequate health services. Malaria, Diarrhea and Pneumonia cause more than two million deaths each year, even though they could be avoided through prevention or prompt treatment.

The children who do survive the ravages of illness and malnutrition often face long-term disabilities because of childhood illness, causing more than 200 million children to fail to reach their full developmental potential.2

Vast Grace’s initiatives support the local church to meet the life-threatening needs of children in our survival and sponsorship programs, while also providing the preventive health measures that support long-term child development.

Over time, this strategy reduces the number of cases that require treatment and increases our prevention efforts, putting an end to the repetitive cycle of sickness that cripples so many children living in poverty.i

Your support of Vast Grace’s Health and Nutrition efforts will help provide:

  • Basic to specialized medical care for children facing temporary or chronic illness, including HIV/AIDS treatment
  • Emergency medical care for children with urgent medical needs, including broken bones, intestinal infections and other conditions that require immediate attention
  • Therapeutic feeding for children suffering from moderate to severe malnutrition
  • Counseling for children and caregivers dealing with life-altering events such as trauma or major illness.
  • Oral health care, including dental screenings, fillings, extractions and education
  • Vision testing and provision of eyeglasses, which are closely linked to stronger educational performance
  • Vaccinations to prevent diseases such as hepatitis, meningitis, tuberculosis and typhoid
  • Food stability initiatives to improve and maintain nutrition levels through meal planning and sustainable farming
  • Malaria interventions such as the distribution of insecticide-treated mosquito nets and related education
  • HIV/AIDS interventions that include education and awareness as well as support and encouragement to help combat social stigma

With your support, we can provide each child in our program with the medical attention he or she needs to stay healthy and thrive. From emergency medical treatment to preventative care, we are working to ensure that poor health does not destroy the ability for each child to defeat poverty


Families in poverty simply cannot afford to get treatment for their sick or hurting child. The Medical Assistance fund is used to provide for the medical expenses of children.

Your donation will improve the quality of life for a child living in poverty. Provide toward their medical expenses today.

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Surgeries, transplants, casts, wheelchairs and canes, cancer treatment, hearing and eye care, and dental needs

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Counseling for children who’ve been injured in a traumatic accident, and funeral expenses in the worst-case scenarios