Support a Classroom Build a Future

Infrastructure, especially school buildings, have been scarce for many years due to the aftermath of a 21-year
civil war between Sudan and Southern Sudan. Most schools that survived, were held in temporary structures
because there were no permanent buildings, the majority of classes were taught under the shade of mango trees
with children sitting on tree branches supported off the ground on Y shaped branches. Most teachers were
conscripted or fled and become refugees in adjoining countries. Any teaching which was carried out was delivered
by untrained secondary school students at best. You can still find students in their mid to late twenties attending
P1 to P4 classes.

Vast Grace Needs Fund helps children stay in school and learn valuable skills that enable them to be contributing adults in their communities one day. They may receive textbooks, uniforms and fees for labs. They may also receive tutoring with their homework, and spiritual and emotional support when things get tough.

Your donation helps to provide the essential resources for children to go beyond their primary education. Contribute today to keep children in school so they can grow academically and prepare for a successful future